Warwick Indian Society is a non-profit organisation with over 400 members and counting. We are the biggest and most established cultural society on the Warwick campus and have continued to grow through the years.

Our society hosts various cultural events for our members, representing India’s rich and varied cultural heritage at the university. These events include our annual Diwali Ball, Holi, Bar Crawl, Cricket Tournaments and numerous other events which expose our members to this vibrant culture while encouraging everyone to socially connect to the Warwick Indian Community and feel at home. 

Indian people. Indian clothes. Indian food. Bollywood Music. Cricket.

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Click on the tab to join us now and be a part of this ever-growing, totally insane Indian Society. We promise you won't regret it!

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 Our Goal 

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Our goal is to never let our members get bored. We aim to celebrate every Indian festival and patriotic event possible so that you don’t feel like missing out on experiencing any aspect of the Indian culture. Not a single event has gone by that hasn’t been sold out and we aim to ensure this is the case for the next couple of years to come.
Through our Ublend, Instagram, Facebook pages and this website our members can constantly stay connected to the Indian society throughout the year and can look back on the most cherished events even as alumni.