Don't miss out on the fun!  


The first event of the academic year hosted by Warwick Indian Society. This fun social is held on campus and gives freshers the opportunity to meet one another and get to know the exec of the society.      

Members can discover the events we have running through the year and make new friends in the process.


Date: TBA               Location: Terrace Bar                Time: 8pm

Meet & Greet
 Diwali Ball 

The most anticipated event in the Warwick Indian Society calendar is the annual Diwali Ball. Known to be one of the most extravagant nights in the year which appeals to all members, and even non-members from all over the UK!

The event just gets bigger and better with Bollywood music, Indian food, temple visits and Photo Booths for your memories. Everything you need to feel like you’re celebrating Diwali at your home away from home.

The Diwali Ball is always an instant sell out and is an event not to be missed!


Date: TBA

 Republic Day Celebrations 

 All members are invited to celebrate this day in the SU Atrium and feel Indian at heart even in this Foreign country. Filled with several surprises the event will make you feel more patriotic than ever. Events include flag hoisting, Indian food and more. 


Date: 26th January 2020

 Bar Crawl 

Warwick Indian Society presents the annual BAR CRAWL. Join us in taking over one of the biggest cities in the UK for one crazy night to remember. One of the most value for money bar crawls you would have ever seen with tickets including transport, entry into the bars and even complimentary drinks at each destination! 


Date: FEBRUARY 2020


End the second term with our second most grandiose event- HOLI. Hosted by Wawick Indian Society Holi is the biggest outdoor colour festival the university has ever seen. All members can celebrate this popular Indian festival by smearing their friends’ faces with coloured powder, while dancing away to bollywood beats. Every year you execs aim to make this event bigger, messier and more colourful than ever before!


Date: March 2019